Effects of postpartum clinical disease in dairy cows


Fernando Diaz

Here we look at the effects of postpartum clinical disease on milk production, reproduction, and culling.

Metabolic and hormonal changes occurring during the peri-parturient period of the lactating dairy cow are both profound and significant.

Transitioning into a non-pregnant, lactating state from a pregnant, non-lactating state results in a massive redistribution of body tissues that involves all major body systems.

It has been reported that up to 60% of lactating cows may develop either metabolic or infectious diseases during the first 60 days of lactation (Bisinotto, 2012).


Given that potentially 60% of lactating dairy cows may be affected by at least 1 disorder during the first 60 days of lactation, the productivity costs associated with the diagnosis, treatment, labour, and infrastructure represent a significant profit opportunity for the dairy enterprise.

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