Use of an air fryer to determine dry matter in forage and diets for dairy cattle


Jorge A. Granados Niño, Juan I. Sánchez Duarte, J. Manuel Espino Martínez, Magali J. López Calderón & Fernando Díaz

Dry matter (DM) can be defined as the remaining portion of a forage or feed after moisture has been removed by forced drying.

DM determination is commonly performed in the laboratory, but because it is a very important parameter when making silages, hays, haylage and balancing livestock diets, it is also a common practice on dairy farms.

Dry matter determination

The most common and practical method to determine DM on farms is to use the Koster moisture tester with the microwave technique. Even near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) equipment is sometimes used.

These devices accurately determine DM in forages, feeds and diets. However, there is the possibility results may have errors if the person in charge of determining DM is not properly trained. Additionally, the cost of the Koster moisture tester and NIRS can be high.

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