Nutretain DH


Nutretain DH hay conditioner is a Lactobacillus fermentation, non-viable culture, designed to maximize legume and grass hay quality and dry matter recovery, by accelerating the curing process while, at the same time, improving leaf retention.

Alfalfa, preserved as hay, requires 2-4 days or more of curing in the field, depending on weather conditions. Faster drying produces a higher quality end-product and also reduces the chances of rain spoilage. Additionally, reducing the length of time the swath stays in the field allows for faster re-growth of alfalfa. 

As long as there is moisture in the crop, plant cells in the swath continue to breathe and perform chemical reactions. These reactions oxidize sugars, leading to heat buildup and loss of energy. Nutretain DH reduces respiration losses. When applied during swathing, Nutretain DH contains specific constituents that repel the water with hydrostatic pressure and promote evaporation of water from the hay which help dry out the hay faster and maintain leaf and stem integrity.

In addition, Nutretain DH is an excellent hay preservative; it reduces the pH of the forage mass rapidly preventing the growth of molds, yeasts, and aerobic bacteria that promote hay spoilage and further heat damage.

Plant constituents with the highest nutritive value for cows (leaves) are most susceptible to losses. Alfalfa hay baled with more retained leaves is more digestible and contains higher protein and overall feed value. Nutretain DH can help hay producers to improve the nutritional value of hay as well as capture additional tonnage leading to a more valuable product and greater profits.

Dry matter and nutrient losses during harvest and storage of alfalfa hay can be large. Dry matter losses for the full process are typically 15-25% for hay made under good drying conditions, and 35-100% for rain damaged hay. Mechanical losses account for nearly one third of total DM losses. Mowing, raking and baling causes leaf shatter and the loss of small stem particles, Nutretain DH helps prevent this. Hence the origin of its name from Nutrient Retention.

Nutretain DH hay conditioner is a Lactobacillus fermentation

Nutretain DH Conditioner improves the nutritional value of hay and yield per acre