Different approaches for boosting milk fat yield


Fernando Diaz

Milk fat is the most valuable component in milk. These three studies published recently show different approaches for improving milk fat yield.

A work conducted at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln evaluated the additive effects of starch and fat as risk factors associated with milk fat depression in dairy diets.

The researchers (Ramirez Ramirez et al., 2015) compared a control diet (fat 5.2%, starch 19%) with three other similar diets containing either 0.97% added corn oil (fat 6.4%, starch 18%) or 8.5% additional ground corn (fat 5.5%, starch 22%), or both 0.97% corn oil and 7.6% corn (fat 6.5%, starch 23%). All diets contained 33% corn silage, 10% alfalfa haylage, and 20% DDGS.

The results, published in the Journal of Dairy Science, showed the inclusion of oil, starch, or a combination of both induce milk fat depression, measured as a reduction on the overall concentration and yield of de novo synthesised fatty acids (<16 carbons) in milk.

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