Recent research studies on corn silage for dairy cows summarized

Fernando Diaz

Corn silage has become one of the most used ingredients in the dairy industry. Its high energy content, coupled with its effective fi ber, make corn silage an excellent forage for dairy cows.

Production and management of corn silage have evolved considerably since French farmer Auguste Goffart published his book about ensiling green corn in 1877.

The objective of this article is to summarize the latest publications of scientific research on corn silage on management practices and feed quality.

Feedout practices

Dairy producers in the San Joaquin Valley of California were surveyed about their corn silage feeding practices. The study, published recently in the Journal of Dairy Science (Heguy et al., 2016), included 153 dairies averaging 1,512 milking cows.

The silage structures were wedge piles (33.8%), drive-over piles (31.8%), bunkers (7.4%), bags (6.1%) or a combination (20.9%), with fl oor base material of concrete slabs (55.4%), earthen (9.5%) or a combination (35.1%).

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